What are Growth Groups?

Growth Groups are a small group of people who meet regularly to connect with each other, serve together, and grow in their faith.  The best thing about being in a group is the community that you get to share joy, struggles, and experience life with. Each group is around 6-15 people who meet to build friendships and discuss faith with each other. Growth Groups are a place where we can strengthen our faith, help each other through life, and make a real impact in our community. These small groups create an environment for you to connect in a meaningful way with others while learning to know God better. Men's, Women's, and Life Groups meet in homes, coffee shops, diners, and at our church office.


Join a Women's Growth Group

Through our Women's Growth Groups, we deepen faith in Jesus as we study the Bible and hang out with other women who are passionate about their relationship with the Savior. Our desire is to reach deep into God’s Word and allow it to change our lives. We not only learn and grow together, but we encourage and bring hope to one another.