Life Groups at Crossway Menifee

LifeGroups typically meet in homes during the week and are designed for those at Crossway Menifee to connect and grow with one another in a small, intimate setting. Studying God's Word together, praying together for one another, serving together, living life together! A LifeGroup with mixed ages provides an opportunity for each generation to learn and share with older and younger Christians.

We would encourage everyone to find a LifeGroup. Healthy, encouraging relationships are vital to our spiritual growth. Studying God's Word together can bring new insight that others may have based on their life experience. Praying with and for one another brings a closeness, a bond, that can only be found there. Serving together brings unexpected blessings to all those involved. Walking side by side through this life provides strength to face the difficult times, and a shared excitement for the adventure God brings into each of our lives.

For more information about our Life Groups or if you are interested in starting a new group - Contact us.